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Whether it is your dream house or your dream destination for vacation, Taroh is inclined to make your stay comfortable and secure. We are determined to continuously innovate to create an exceptional living place which you take pride in to own. A foreign concept for India, Taroh is introducing eco-friendly, light-weight glamps, which one can set up - literally - anywhere in the country.

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Taroh provides its customers an innovative solution to break away from the norm of vacation in hotel. We, at Taroh, furnish unique structures for glamping sites with ingenuously simple compilation of only a few raw materials, mostly made by recycling scraps, with a wide option of customised designs. Our structures require little site preparation and being movable, so there are less hassles of planning permission. We offer a fantastic range of glamping accommodations featured with geometrical exteriors and eclectic interiors - with classy furniture and décor. We design a series of glamps knitted out with all essentials to create a truly comfortable camping experience.
Our residential construction projects are also unique in its kind. We complete the work in good and workman like manner in accordance to the customer’s chosen layout with all finishes and fixtures, without they being disturbed for follow up work. We take care of all the work that includes obtaining municipal or other permits, and furnishing the labour, equipment, materials, and other services necessary to complete the house.
We aspire to provide our customers with the best services at great value and ensure to build a relationship to last.